I have been busy making 40 fabric covered books which are gone and now four leather covered books.

I usually do the byzentine stitching on them so they lay flat. Though it makes the book look sloppy because it moves on its binding. The next set will be standard gothic books.

I tried ploughing the pages for the first time…great as long as you gothic stitch the book. Otherwise don’t because the pages move around too much. When ploughing just use a sharp knife and cut the pages as clise as you can then just use a deep grove file to remove the access. It sounfs terrible, but it works great.

Pva glue works well but dries slow in high heat and humidity.

Add end pages to the book block before sewing on the covers.

Tom holtz book corners are really cool.

Add stud feet before gluing down the leather. If using leather notions.

That light brown suede leather is soft and pretty.  But look at it wrong and it stains. Stay away from it.

I need to learn more about leather decoration.

Windor newton gold ink rocks.


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